Tanning: The Greatest Thing Ever Essay

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This essay is intended to answer all your questions about tanning. It will provide you with the truth, backed up by facts. Tanning has gotten a bad rap lately, and I think it’s time you made an informed decision for yourself instead of going along with hearsay. If, after reading this article, you’re still not convinced, consider this: Who knows what will happen tomorrow, live for today and for what makes you happy. Admittedly, tanning is not for everybody but this will allow you to see the truth of tanning and decide for yourself.

Fact vs. Fiction: There are many myths surrounding tanning and while some of them might make sense, science has proven most just aren’t true. The most common myth is that tanning will cause cancer. In actuality, a 12 minute session has the same effect as a few hours of being in the sun. Who can say that they haven’t spent all day at the beach? Tanning indoors is a controlled environment, and the bulbs emit approximately 95 percent UVA rays and 5 percent UVB. UVA penetrates deeper in the skin, and provides the least risk of overexposure. Next myth, Heat affects your tan. The reason people think this is that their minds have created an association. When you think of tanning, you think of hot, tropical places. The heat of the room or bed does not affect your tan, I promise. The bulbs and wattage are the same, the only difference is ventilation. Remember, it’s the UV rays tanning you, not the heat. Another common misconception is that tanning “cooks” you like food in a microwave. The technology between a microwave and a tanning bed are completely different, it is impossible for a bed to “cook” you. The rays do not penetrate deep enough to affect any of your organs, or anything past the first few layers of your skin for that matter.

When tanning first arrived on the scene, it...

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