Tantra…Temple Of Love Essay

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Tantra…Temple of Love.
In Tantra love is worship. This is the easy method to meet the ultimate bliss and ecstasy. Tantra considers man and woman two energies which unite to create new energy. Tantra is based on the mutual love and respect for your opposite partner. Tantra is not a black magic or this has not to have any spell on anybody. It is the mutual trust love and respect that creates a undivided bond between the two loving souls. Once the intimacy is developed then doubt confusion jealousy cannot remain between the two loving partners.
Tantra is about to give and to take anything. When each partners thinks they will give their best love to other then a soul connection is possible and which happens. Tantra teaches to be true to your partner so that love can happen. Love cannot be made love needs to happen. How love can happen tantra show the way. If you have other intensions other than Love then love cannot happen. If the intension is for a materialist gain then love cannot happen. You will be eager to get that gain and Tantra will reject you. If you are in a Tantric ritual and within you your intension is bad and you are taking part in a Tantric love ritual then Tantra will condemn you. You will not be able to carry on the rituals and you will be exposed soon.
Tantra does not allow for any possession in Love. Love is not possession. If you want to control, if you want to hold your partner if you want to possess your partner then this will not be love and you will be unable to perform in Tantra. If you are in the tantric love making and in your mind are other things than Love then the tantric rituals will make you feel ashamed of yourself and you will be unable to take any part in the tantric rituals. Soon you will fall and will be exposed.
If you are going to perform tantric rituals with your partner then this will be better to resolve all the issues with your partner well in advance and settle them. If you have planned a tantric encounter with your opposite sex partner then this will be better to...

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