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Taoism In The Modern World Essay

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Taoism in the Modern World
The Tao Te Ching is the second most revised book in the world; the bible is the only one that has been revised more. It was written sometime between the sixth and the third century BC when china descended into chaos of rival kingdoms. It was supposedly written by Lao Tan, a possible mythical figure, who has said to have lived till he was 160 to 200 years old, but some believe that he is still alive and is wonder out in the woods.
Ever since I began reading about Taoism I have change my point of view about life. “Not seeing desirable things prevents confusion of the heart”(Tao). This line in itself has taught me to not look at life as objects but to look at it as a gift. People today have lost touch with what is really important about living. No one goes around smiling anymore. I can remember as a child seeing people smile all the time, maybe that was because I was young and did not see a lot of people. I believe that if people would start to read Taoism and try to understand it than people maybe happy to be alive. This paper is going to focus mainly on ways that the average person can use Taoism to better his or her life.
Even as children we base our life on material things. Our parents buy us toys to make us happy, give us candy to make us smile, and turn on the television to keep us occupied. If a child grow up with out any of these things, would that child be any lesser of a person. The child that grows up with out all this would probably grow up to become a very creative person. The child that grows up with no toys and no television would have had to create his own toys and his own stories.
The Tao can be used every day if people would try to use it. Many people treasure their possessions, but make fun of others for being different. They do not take the time to learn about that other person and see what makes them different. People breathe without thinking about what gave them that breathe. “The beginning of the universe is the mother of all things”(Tao52). “The source of life is as a mother”(The way of life52). These two readings show us that the reason we are here is because of the mother universe. People do not realize how great it is to be alive, and the wonderful things that we get to experience everyday. I had felt this same way before I read the Tao Te Ching. But now I wake up with a smile, because I know that I get to go out into a beautiful world, and experience it like it is the first time that I have seen it. People today are trying to change the world when the world can not be changed. “If you try to change it, you will ruin it”(Tao29). The universe is what gives us life. If we try to change it who know what could happen. If we keep building buildings and tearing down the trees that give us oxygen than what will happen to us?
Christmas time is a time of giving and sharing. I always thought this meant it was a time to give and receive gifts. I was wrong. The Tao says, “Not...

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