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Target Marketing Ocean Ridge Golf And Country Club

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Target Marketing Ocean Ridge Golf and Country Club

Ocean Ridge Golf and Country Club is like no other presently in
existence in the Philippines. Situated on the plush green country side
of Calatagan Batangas, which known for housing the lavish out of town
hideaways of the rich and famous. Ocean ridge is situated on top of
the Calatagan hills and its grounds stretch all the way down to the
beach fronts of Balayan bay. Offering what no other golf and country
club in operation can offer. The marriage of the best; that both the
locations of the mountain and the ocean can offer, in terms of
climate, ambience and possible activities available, Ocean Ridge is
second to none. Ocean Ridge is situated on the hill fronting the Son
Risa estate, and all of its 16 hectares extend down to the ocean
below. It Offers 3 world class golf courses, each with challenging
holes designed by the world's top golfer professionals. Ocean Ridge's
golf courses offer the golfer a variety of surroundings and settings.
The sea side course gives the world class feel of pebble beach, while
the hilly course fools the player into thinking he's playing in
Augusta Georgia, and the last is in the likeness of San Diego a flat
long course for those tiger woods wannabes. On top of that, the ocean
ridge estate will also offer complete sports facilities ranging from a
competition class basketball court, 10 badminton courts, a lap pool, a
wading pool and 2 eternity pools. A well equipped gym with locker
rooms, showers, saunas, hot and cold tubs, even massage services will
be made available to members, their guests and walk on golfers for a
fee. a special attraction offered by Ocean Ridge will be the water
sports facilities; facilities such as jet skiing, sailing, snorkeling
and even scuba diving will be offered at the water sports area. The
water sports facility will be well equipped with speedboats,
windsurfs, sailboats and dive equipment, leaving nothing more for our
guests to ask for. Well-trained experts in each of the various water
sports available will also offer instruction in the various water
sports available. Scuba diving is especially a treat for avid divers;
because for the first time a wide range of dive sites ranging from
Anilao, Fortune Island and even Apo reef in Mindoro are all accessible
by speedboat from the facility; not to forget the first artificial
reef of its kind, situated right in front of the resort. Aside from
the wide variety of activities offered; Ocean Ridge also offers 3
5-star restaurants situated right inside the country club premises. At
the club itself 2 restaurants are located; the first is "Pesto" an
Italian restaurant offering authentic Italian food remnant of Sicily
across the sea. The second restaurant being Ay-ni meaning "love you"
in mandarin, ay-ni offers the best Chinese cuisine for...

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