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Target Brand 7(Review)

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This apprehensible self-study book is designed to help students achieve their best personal score for IELTS exam in a few weeks. There’re a lot of books in this field to prepare you for IELTS exam, but many of them are so complicated and not understandable. The book is divided in four major sections –listening, reading, writing and speaking-like IELTS exam. All tips, techniques, strategies and advice are meant to be effective, increasing your task-solving speed, preventing typical mistakes and learning the tricks to face better with problems in each section of the exam.
In the listening section, the author describes the routine of the exam and explains that listening is as a ...view middle of the document...

Every paragraph has its own main idea, which is different from the others. You can make a note on the margin near the paragraph about the topic and main idea, so when you read the questions you can immediately find the right paragraph and answer the best choice. Furthermore, the author tries to illustrate the strategies and tips for true/false/not given tasks, for matching tasks, for using the passage layout and finding the key words. Moreover, the book talks about the assumption and says that don’t assume you know the answer. In some cases the questions want to deceive you with your background knowledge to answer incorrectly, but the point is that you have to answer the questions base on passages and nothing else.

In the writing section the author describes about two different tasks.
1- Writing a report 2- Writing an essay. The report intended for university lecture, so the language you use have to be suitable. The next step is the illustration of different type of graphs (single line graph, double line graph, bar graph, pie graph, table and process).you confront with each of them productively. Eventually you can understand them better and make them as a model for your training and the exam. After that, the reader learns how to write a worthy essay. A good essay consists of three parts:
1- Introduction 2- body 3- conclusion. The writer of essay has to stick to this structure. Generally we have three kinds of essay topic in IELTS exam:
1- An argument 2- a hidden argument and 3- a situation. All these types are expressed very well and provided accurate examples for them. Also the writer introduce the fantastic steps as baby steps for those people who could not start to write an essay, even they know a lot about the subject. These steps are magic solution for this problem. Moreover, he gives us...

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