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Target Corporation Analysis Lynelle Schimek 2014 Minnesota School Of Business – Lakeville

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Target Corporation is a well-known American discount retailing company, founded in 1902 and is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the U.S. (Walmart being the largest) (Target, 2014). Target’s analysis will provide an insight into the corporation and its working. It look at and evaluate it in terms of terms of its effectiveness in each of these areas, such as: the structure, goals, agendas, boundaries, control, culture, politics, and decision-making processes. Based on the evaluation, this paper will help to provide suggestions for improvements within the different areas, if the need arises.

Target is an upscale discounter that provides high-quality, trendy merchandise at attractive prices in clean, spacious and guest-friendly stores. In addition, Target operates an online business, It all started in 1902, when George Dayton joined in partnership with Goodfellow’s Dry Goods Company, the fourth biggest department store that is located in Minneapolis, MN. Dayton, wanting to be more involved in the company bought out Goodfellow’s to become sole owner and President of Dayton Dry Goods Company (Target Corporation, 2014). Travel on down through the years as Daytons continues to grow, until 1962. That was the year an icon was born, its name is “Target.”
On May 1st, 1962, guests in the Twin Cities learned the news of Target’s first grand opening, in Roseville, MN (Target Corporation, 2014). This is the beginning of what would turn out to be the well-known Target culture. Publicized as a, “new idea in discount stores.” Target separated itself from other retail stores by combining many of the best department store structures – fashion, quality, and service – with the low prices of a discounter (Target Corporation, 2014). Created as, “a store you can be delighted to shop in, a store you can have confidence in, a store that is fun to shop at and exciting to visit,” and by the end of 1962, Target has opened additional locations in Minnesota (Target Corporation, 2014). Flash forward to the year 2014.
Where Target has become that classy discount retailer that provides high-quality, trendy merchandise at eye-catching prices in clean, expansive and guest-friendly stores. Target has gone from a small beginning to a corporation that has 1,797 stores in the United States. 127 stores in Canada, 37 distribution centers, and 361,000 team members worldwide. Along with this, Target has gone global with stores in India and Canada (Target Corporation, 2014).
The basis for any organization is its structure, when organized well can provide a corporation a wealth of stability. Target Corporation is a horizontal firm which highly stresses decision making through teams rather than through the organizational hierarchy (André, 2008). At Target teamwork is the key to meeting challenges and having fun at the same time. Target has a span of control starts out smaller but as it...

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