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Writing Part One --Target Market Description
The target audience for APS Healthcare online newsroom would be; customers, members, consultants, prospects, health coaches, health providers, local and international media, healthcare journals and magazines and state agencies for healthcare. The online newsroom should provide easy access of all the latest press releases, archived press release, corporate, executive information, white papers, background information, podcast or videos, logos, images high res and web versions, photos, RSS feeds and social media links.
The organization can optimize content for easy access, perhaps by commercial and public services. Include background materials about the organization, media kit or press kit. Included logos with specs for proper printing and use of brand. List of all conferences and tradeshow participation, this should include speaking engagements with links to any press release related to the company’s participation and announcements.
Links to the online newsroom should be prominently visible on the website home page, option for the press to add their email address for regular news updates, and adding PR contact information on all the pages and social media tags for easy sharing of information.

Writing Part Two --Analyzing your client’s Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats
APS Healthcare SWOT
Leading provider of specialty healthcare solutions of utilization management, care management, provider relations and quality improvement that emphasize
Prime products are:
 Care Management
o Disease Management
o Medical Utilization Review
o Case Management
o Extension Quality Review or EQR
 Behavioral Health
o Utilization Case Management
o Unions
o Corporat
Unique resources and strengths:
 Large number of state Medicaid contracts. Services approximately 40% of the Medicaid population in the US.
 Strong Behavioral background derived from EAP and behavioral health experience.
 Have seen steady growth in employer market segment
Public perception:
 Recognized as a major player in the market by state Medicaid agencies, with programs in over 25 states.
 APS Healthcare has a reputation for providing tailored programs to customers’ specific healthcare challenges.
 Absence of a strong IT platform. A more robust platform would allow the clients to access and create their own reports.
 Internally they lack of a proper IT foundation and resources forcing them to outsource services that should be performed by their care connection platform.
 Need for a stronger management structure. After a major acquisition, APS has been unable to complete a full integration of their systems, provoking management issues
 APS Healthcare has been able to keep a very good reputation with the state Medicaid agencies.
 They have an opportunity to grow more business with the high-risk pool members.
 Extend their current contracts with states...

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