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Target Market Segments Essay

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Target market segments
There are four different market segmentations that Starbucks coffee has targeted to establish its brand equity in the industry. First of all, Starbucks coffee’s demographic segmentation targets men and women in between the age of 25 to 40 years old. (Huff Post, 2013) However, later on the company decided to modify its segmentation to also target students. Starbucks coffee’s geographic segmentation is to target individuals that either goes to the mall, hotel, restaurant and college. Starbucks coffee’s psychographic segmentation targets sophisticated individual who believes in a healthy lifestyles. For last, Starbucks coffee behavioural segmentation is to target individuals who do not care paying the extra price for the higher quality products.
Differentiation points
What make Starbucks Coffee brand different from other competitors such as McDonald McCafe and Tim Horton’s Coffee is that they have higher quality products. They also have higher prices that people don’t care to pay for since they do know that the coffee will be worth the price. Starbucks Coffee brand is also very eco-friendly which is also represented through the meaningfulness of their logo. (McGrath) Their product uniqueness effectively communicates Starbucks Coffee brand.
Starbucks Coffee used the unique product positioning as their strategy to represent their brand. Their strategy well represented their product by having uniqueness of their coffee supply. There have exported coffee beans from Ethiopia while their competitors McCafe and Tim Horton’s Coffee only have regular coffee beans of lower quality. This uniqueness has created a strong competitive advantage on the coffee retail market.
There are many factors that contribute to Starbucks Coffee brand relevance such as their awareness, reputation and meaningfulness to ensure that the brand is communicated effectively. First of all, Starbucks Coffee ensures that their brand awareness is by offering memorable coffee flavor for their customers that will outstand from its direct competitors. Its brand awareness creates customers-relationship and customer loyalty. There is also the reputation of Starbucks Coffee that provides a strong image to its customers. Starbucks Coffee outstand the third leader in the coffee market retail and is highly repudiated for providing the best cup of coffee and best customer service experience. (Tampon, 2013) For last, there is the meaningfulness of the Starbucks Coffee that represents the brand effectively by caring about their customers’ needs by having supply of high quality to provide high quality coffee.
Starbucks coffee indentifies itself very well through the logo’s color and the siren image. Historically, most European churches and cathedrals have a siren logo which represents the important beliefs of history, tradition and nature. Since Starbucks coffee original idea came from Europe, they decided to use honor the European beliefs by...

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