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Tarzan Of The Apes Reading Journal Literature Reading Journal

770 words - 4 pages

Reading Journal
Chap. 1
1. Summary: The ship where Clayton and his wife were on experienced a mutiny, and after that they were abandoned on a desert island.
2. Quote: "Mutiny!" exclaimed the old fellow. "Mutiny! They means murder, sir, an' mark my word for it, sir."
3. An example of folklore or beliefs: He did not care to antagonize an English official, for the Queen's mighty arm wielded a punitive instrument which he could appreciate, and which he feared—England's far-reaching navy.
4. A action from the Protagonist: [B]ut, quick as he was, John Clayton was almost as quick, so that the bullet which was intended for the sailor's heart lodged in the sailor's leg instead, for Lord Greystoke had struck down the captain's arm as he had seen the weapon flash in the sun.
5. Another character’s reaction: The captain was on the point of making an angry reply, but, thinking better of it, turned on his heel and black and scowling, strode aft
Chap. 2
1. Summary: First few days Clayton and his wife spent on the island
2. Quote: "I do not know, Alice," he answered gravely, "it is too dark to see so far, and it may have been but a shadow cast by the rising moon."
3. An example of folklore or beliefs: "Ah, John, I wish that I might be a man with a man's philosophy, but I am but a woman, seeing with my heart rather than my head, and all that I can see is too horrible, too unthinkable to put into words.
4. A action from the Protagonist: As it was quite warm, Clayton had left the side curtains thrown back over the roof.
5. Another character’s reaction: [A]nd as they sat, like Turks, upon their blankets, Lady Alice, straining her eyes into the darkening shadows of the wood, suddenly
reached out and grasped Clayton's arms.
1. Summary: Clayton continued building his cabin. Once he was outside the cabin cutting some woods, a huge ape raided him. Alice never revoked from the shock, and after gave born to a baby, she died.
2. Quote: "O, John, it is so good to be really home! I have had an awful dream, dear. I thought we were no longer in London, but in some horrible place where great beasts attacked us."
3. An...

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