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Activity Essay

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The HR representative interviewed has a bachelor’s degree in the field of human resource management. However, within this training she also undertook courses in social sciences, business, and legal implication in human resource engagements. However, upon recruitment to the job, she received in-service training to align her knowledge and skills with the expectations and HR functions of the organization. She contents that she received training on the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act, Family and Medical Leave Act, and Age Discrimination in Employment Act and that training on these acts is very crucial in career life of a HR representative. This stems from the foundation that contravening them can risk a costly lawsuit to the HR representative or the organization.
Additionally, she received training on the basic tenets of the Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, which prohibits any employment discrimination anchored on race, sex, national origin, color, as well as on basis of religious affiliation. This HR representative finds mostly working with FMLA arising from the fact that annual leave days for employees fall on different months and almost every month there are employees going on leave as an entitlement under the FMLA provisions. Moreover, medical leave day are common including the paternal and maternal leave.
The most challenging problem involved provisions of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. A female employee accidentally stumbled upon the pay slip of a male colleague whom they performed same duties and were of the same job group. However, the salary of the male colleague was slight higher. She reported the complaint to the HR office and later headed for the labor union offices where she was part of a collective bargaining agreement with the organization. Because she had not waited for the investigation to be completed, she was termed as a non-team player and plans were underway to suspend her from her duties. The labor union came with threats of legal action or mobilizes the whole of the employee body to go on strike. It was later discovered that the mistake arose from a computer programming lapse on payroll processing stemming from the fact that she was first on probation and when it ended salary adjustment was not made. This was rectified and her benefits for one year paid. Fortunately, this was the only problem as the records were scrutinized for other such cases.
The most common type of employee relations issue at the HR desk is unscheduled absenteeism linked to employee welfare issues including but not limited to sickness, or other pressing personal issues that the HR representative has to listen to and plan on whether to grant a few days off or...

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