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Task 1 Essay

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2b) Compare the purposes of the different documents used in the selection and recruitment process of a given organisation
Different documentations are involved in the recruitment and selection process. These are CV, Job description, job advertisement, job specification and the application form. In this assignment I will be comparing, making judgements and justifications about these documents.
The purpose of a job description is to alert the applicant about all the information that would be required to do the job role. It would also give a prospective of all the responsible and duties to should be completed as part of the specified job role. A job description determines different factors such as whether the vacancy is temporary, permanent or the working time. The job description reasons on helping Morrisons finding the right employee and it prevents businesses from breaking the law; whereas
The purpose of a person specification is to get the candidate to know what the organisation is looking for characteristically; it gives a brief idea of what the organisation is looking for. It helps the Morrisons choose the best possible candidate for fulfilling their vacancy.
The purpose of a job advertisement is to attract the applicants and get them to apply, reach a variety (or a larger pool) of candidates, being able to find and select the right and appropriate candidates.
Similarities: The similarities Job advertisement, Person specification and the job description would be that they all state who they are looking for. They all have a similar purpose of finding a suitable candidate to fulfil the vacancy in Morrisons. All 3 documents play a part in attracting an applicant.
The job advertisement attracts the applicant > in comparison to the job description which goes into depth...

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