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Task ManagementGraphics and Tables not includedTask 1There is no standard definition of an Information System Requirement. A requirement is a property that is essential for an IT system to perform its functions.Requirements vary in intent and in the kinds of properties they represent. They can be functions, constraints, or other properties that must be provided, met, or satisfied so needs are filled for the system's intended users (Roger Abbott 1986).Information Systems have to do many different things; perform calculations, edit and store data, produce reports, support business process, enforce rules, etc.The following plan identifies possible IS requirement for Sports-Qits:Goal:Information resource for management, staff, vendors and customers; with the potential to evolve into a full-fledged 'on-line' business systemApproach:Develop business scenarios, derive system specifications and outline architecture based on business decisions and information needed for different kinds of problem scenariosModel information seeking and strategic behaviourDevelop, implement, and test a information aid that takes into account different training and usability requirements, computing environments, requirements for synchronization and integrity of informationLevels of computational system hierarchy:Central web site and server at the highest level for coordination and management of the systemCompany and vendor databases and any other information providersIndividual workstations at the lowest levelKey characteristics:Central web site with links to product-related information and transparent gateway to both internal and external data (re)sources such as databasesRegular updates with consistency checking, indexing, and discovery of interesting relationships between new and existing informationData system built in stages, by identifying the content and organising the databasesInterfaces (via web browsers at distributed ``client sites'') for input of customer information on-line via form-based dialogs and user agents with direct manipulation interfacesImplementation or guidelines for the use of algorithms, design theories, and methodologies, via examples and casesTable 1 shows information relevant for business, which is often needed from different perspectives. A substantial component of developing a business support system via the constructive approach will involve technology integration. However, before investigating the technologies relevant for implementing the information system, it is useful to identify the information essential for such a system. (Govindaraj and Pejtersen, 1995, p 3579-3583)It is important that the computational system be able to organise and present the information from any of the perspectives depending on the context. For the purpose of developing the requirements for the information system, information can be characterized roughly into four perspectives: sources, categories, product, and marketing, sales & service. These categories are...

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