Tassal Case Study: Issues In Tassal's Sustainable Development

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Accounting for Sustainable Management
Assignment one

Executive summary
Tassal's CEO noted that the controversy over the sustainable development framework of Tassal from broader community of Tasmania and Australia is on the rise. The environmental impact of Tassal is still a matter of concern. Whether Tassal should adapt to its sustainable frameworks and practices, and how to do this is to be addressed urgently. The report was commissioned by the CEO to conduct a study and to provide him with a business report on Tassal's sustainable development issues.

1. Introduction
The purpose of the report is to research and describe the problems faced by Tassal's sustainable development and to provide viable solutions. The report is divided into five parts, the first part is the introduction of the basic concept of sustainability. The second part discusses the sustainability of the industry, the third part concentrates on Tassal, and the fourth is the corresponding feasibility plan to address the problems faced by Tassal. The last part is the conclusion. The limitation of the report is that all the recommendations are only based on theory, whether it is really effective need further testing.

1.1 Sustainability
The previous concept of sustainability is more about environmental sustainability. It was originally created in forestry which meant that the benefits of forests would never be gained in the new growth (Wiersum, cited in Kuhlman & Farrington 2010). In 1713, Nachhaltigkeit (German term for sustainable development) took place in a book ‘Sylvicultura Oeconomica’ written by the German forest clerk and scientist Hans Karl von Carlovitz (Kuhlman & Farrington 2010; Heinberg 2010). The sustainable development as a policy concept stems from the 1987 Brundtland report, involving tensions between mankind life and natural boundary. According to this report, the notion of sustainability was defined as ‘meets the needs of the present generation without com- promising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs’ (Kuhlman & Farrington 2010). With the passing of time, the concept has been extended to three overlapping, mutually dependent aspects including environmental sustainable, economically sustainable and socially sustainable (Heinberg 2010). To sum up, sustainability requires people to take a long-term perspective on decisions about upcoming activities thus achieving economic sustainability, environmental sustainability and social sustainability.

1.2 Sustainability and business & accounting
Profit is the economic responsibility of business. Whether a business can continue to gain profit and develop stably depends on whether it can fulfill its social responsibilities well. Therefore, when businesses engage in economic activities must assess their own activities on the impact of society, consider the overall interests of society and long-term development and consciously bear the corresponding social responsibility. Corporate social...

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