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Executive Summary:
The global reporting initiative Sustainability reporting guidelines (GRI guidelines) defines Sustainability Reporting as “The practice of measuring, disclosing and being accountable to internal and external stakeholder for organizational performance towards the goals of sustainable development”. This case study discusses about sustainability report of “Tassal Group Limited”, for year 2014: operating since 1986 and is one of the largest producers of Salmon in Australia, the main focus of this report is to analyze how stable are their operations, and how are they reporting them. The sustainability Report has many different aspects and may vary from industry to industry, however there are certain triple bottom line frameworks that can be applied to any company for measuring their sustainability. This case study focuses on 9 criteria of sustainability reporting, and how Tassal Group Limited is working on these criteria. The criteria understudy are: Leadership, Stakeholder. Improved Operations/Innovations And environmental friendly Operation, Human Resource and Human Rights/ Employee satisfaction, Business Responsibility Health and safety, Risk Management, Transparency/ accountability / Sustainable Profits/outcomes, Integrated Sustainability / TBL reporting and Assurance Statement.

Tassal: The pioneer company of Tasmanian Atlantic Salmon farming in Australia, since 1986. Tassal is the largest producer of Salmon in Australia and is among the largest employers in the region of Tasmania. Tassal was a private company initially and in 2003 it was listed in ASX and become a Public sector company. Their head office is in Hobart Tasmania, and have two retails stores in Australia, and their biggest competitors are Huon Aquaculture and Petuna Seafoods. Tassal generated their first Annual Sustainability Report 2012, which discussed their achievements and future Goals. In March 2012 Tassal embarked on a three-year sustainability journey with WWF-Australia for working together in achieving the highest global standard of responsible production of seafood (WWF Australia). Tassal has received many awards on their journey of success. In December 2012 the Global Aquaculture Alliance (GAA) announced Tassal as the first salmon producer in Australia to achieve full Best Aquaculture Practices (BAP) certification at farm level. Tassal received funding from the Federal Government in the form of “a grant of $3.85million to produce a fish meal plant on farmland near Triabunna”. Tassal has been reported as a benchmark for the world’s top salmon farming company in sustainability reporting.( Turner,2014)
“Tassal strives to achieve operational excellence, while protecting its core values around quality, community and the environment. As well as growing premium healthy and tasty salmon, Tassal will continue to be attentive to consumer priorities including having the information and assurance that their food is grown in an environmentally and...

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