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Taste What You Smell? Essay

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Has anyone ever told you to pinch your nose while eating something unappetizing? Or have you ever had to take medicine that tastes bad so you decided to pinch your nose? If so then the reason why it worked is because what we smell can affect what we taste and how we taste it. Our sense of smell is a big part of what we taste. We are able to tell whether or not we like the food or not, just by the way it smells. Some people might wonder how do we use our nose to smell? How do we use our mouth to taste? What part of the brain is responsible for detecting and interpreting smell? How important is smell to the ability to taste? Many people have thought about at least one of those questions. Using our sense to smell food can definitely affect how we taste.

How do we use our nose to smell?
When we want to smell something we always use our nose. Usually people sniff when they use their nose to smell. The reason we are able to smell through our nose is because on the top of our nasal passage there is a layer of neurons. A neuron is a cell that carries messages between the brain and other parts of the body that has a nervous system. According to
neurons have hair-like projections that are called cilia. Cilia are what keep out dust and debris, also known as nose hairs. When you inhale the scent the molecule from the odor combines with the cilia. This causes the neuron to send a message to the brain in order to figure out what the smell is. In order to smell we use our nose and different parts of our brain.

What parts of our brain is responsible for detecting and interpreting smell?
When we smell, our nose isn’t the only thing we use. We also have to use our part of our brain. According to
The part of our brain that we use is...

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