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Tasti Fresh Sales Mangement And Human Resources Issues, Characters: Laurel And Curt

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1. Should Laurel confront Curt? Why or why not? If so, how should she handle the situation?Before confronting Curt, Laurel should conduct her own investigation and clarify Curt's behavior, get details and take notes. I would suggest Laurel get together with Curt and travel with him on a few meetings and/or presentations. Laurel can say she's just taking the opportunity to evaluate sales performance or that she just wants to get out of the office. I feel it is important for Laurel to treat Curt with respect and not assume the worst. If Laurel does observe erratic or unacceptable behavior, she needs to sit down with Curt and explain the issues she has noticed. She needs to explain to Curt that she is concerned with his behavior and the changes in his attitude. She needs to try to determine the basis of his issues; stress, marital or financial? Managers have both the opportunity and the responsibility to define acceptable behavior in the workplace.I have experienced conflict at work and in the past I have tried to avoid them. I would rather not be forced into a situation where I feel uncomfortable or under stress. However, when conflicts do arise, I try to handle them in a way that I look at both sides. I try to determine what I need and what they need, my goals, methods and values as well as their goals, methods and values and the overall needs and goals of the company. I look at the issues involved and try to get as much information as I can.Today's managers realize that "conflict is not always negative. In fact, it can be healthy when managed effectively. Healthy conflict can lead to growth and innovation, new ways of thinking and additional management options." http://www.ctic.purdue.edu2. Should Laurel speak to Janice? Why or why not? If so, what should she say to her?Laurel should contact Janice to let her know she received her letter and that she is concerned about the issue and that she will look into it. A personal phone call would be a great way to get additional details on what she has observed. Laurel should make notes and document the call and details and thank Janice for bringing this matter to her attention. I feel perception of the situation is the...

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