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Imagine if dreams could really become a reality. Something thought to be so far off from possible simply coming true. Everyone has a purpose in their life; it’s just a matter of seeking it out. Dreams can vary from small to large. No matter what size it is, it is a passion stirred up in the inside. A dream is a desire of your heart. No one can fulfill one’s dream but themselves. While following a dream, the road gets tough. Some give up, and others strive to accomplish it. Sometimes, a dream could be so hard to reach. So can a dream thought to be impossible come true? For Walt Disney, the answer was yes. He stated, “All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them”. He is ...view middle of the document...

One of Walt’s goals was to improve animation. There was never a limit to his creativity. Walt Disney himself said, “Imagination has no age”. Meaning, age did not define the amount of imagination in a person to Walt. In everything he did, Walt always wanted to perfect it. “Disney’s commitment to quality was one of his most famous traits.” (Nardo, Don; page 27) Another goal for Walt Disney was to entertain both adults and children. The fact that Walt could use his talents for good meant everything to him. He wanted to do everything he could to put a smile on someone’s face while doing what he loved. Walt’s creative mind was able to take him far in life. His hard work began to pay off once he was serious about accomplishing his goals. Walt did everything he could to take his talents in animation to the next level.
Walt is well known in the world of animation. “He was one of the first animators to include cartoons and real people in one movie, as well as have color in his cartoons.” (Tiek, Sarah; page 16) “Walt Disney introduced sound, color, realism, and many other innovations to animation.” (Nardo, Don; page 10) Besides influencing the world of animation, Walt Disney also created Disneyland and started working on Disneyworld before he passed. After he had passed, Disneyworld was completed. Even when Walt didn’t feel is best, he worked to the best of his ability and never gave up. When things weren’t going his way or didn’t turn out the way he wanted them to, Walt still continued to do what he knew to do despite of any negativity around him.
“Walt Disney’s theme parks are still a favorite for all ages worldwide.” (Ford, Carin T; page 28) Both theme parks are very established today and are even continuing to grow. Many people visit both Disneyland and Disneyworld daily. They both are well known to people of all ages. Walt spent many months on these two places. He wasn’t able to see Disneyworld finish because of his passing, however, his legacy still remains. He shared his talent with the world and made a huge impact in doing so. Walt had a heart for generations and always would encourage others to be joyous. He put a smile on many faces because of everything he accomplished. “Walt Disney is remembered as one of the world’s greatest creative minds.” (Tiek, Sarah; page 28) For Walt, ideas were endless. He was truly a talented creator and was admired significantly for that. “Throughout the years, people around the world have enjoyed Walt’s cartoon characters.”...

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