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Studies have shown that tattoos can be skin damaging and permanent, but yet people still get tattoos because that’s how they express themselves. Good tattoos aren’t cheap and cheap tattoos aren’t good. Your body is your temple, and you should not deface your skin because you can never get it removed. Therefore, you should think before you ink. From reading this paper, readers will experience that vandalizing your body with ink can lead to skin cancer, keloid formations, MRI complications, allergic reactions and infections.
One of the cons of getting a tattoo is health risks. Not only does it hurt to be stuck with a needle over and over for an extended time, it’s also too risky. Getting a tattoo can put you at risk for contacting a variety of illnesses. ( when in the process of getting a tattoo you should make sure the parlor is clean and safe. Remember the artist is going to be sticking you with needles into your skin, so be picky about the tattoo parlor you chose. If you do not feel comfortable asking the artist questions about cleanliness, experience and safety it’s ok to look some were else or forget about the tattoo and wait until you’re comfortable asking appropriate questions. The artist should use a brand new sterile needle with every tattoo. You should ask the artist to go through the process with you including all of the tools to be used in the design. If the artist looks annoyed go somewhere else. All other tools involved should be sterile. Everything should be laid out just for your tattoo. The artist should were latex gloves and apply Vaseline on the new tattoo with a disposable instrument, not by hand. Like any consumer purchase you should be informed to make the best decision and do what is safe and best for you. Why are tattoos so popular in the today’s society? Most people who have tattoos will say that they got it for a specific reason time or person in their life that they will never forget. Twenty four percent of Americans between 18-50 are tattooed that’s almost one four in 2011. (www.prosandconsoftattoos/ There are many great tattoo artists all over the world, but finding one that is both safe and artistically talented may be a bit of hard work. The best way to find out if they are safe and is to ask all of the concerned questions and take a good look at their studio. While the popularity is rising tattoos in the U.S. still tend to be thought of as counter culture by many. Having a tattoo can reduce your chances of getting a job, but it depends on where the tattoos are. What it depicts and if the job and if the job involves dealing with customers. Some frown upon them as less than desirable and some employer uniform codes even go as far as disallowing tattoos at be shown in...

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