Tattoos And Their Effect On The World Around Them

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As tattoos become more and more involved and apparent in the American culture it affects how people receive what is professional and what is personal expression. Through this growing trend of tattoos in our culture, the question of what is socially acceptable starts to beg for an answer. If all forms expression are okay as a whole, does that make all tattoos okay and presentable in all situations? With the professional image stressed in American industry there is a cause for concern as to where to draw the line when it comes to the acceptability of tattoos in the work field. Between America’s interpretation of “Professional” outward appearance, current tattoo policies in the work forces, , and possible infringements of the first amendment, a biblical view, and health code violations, tattoos are the cause of much deliberation. For those that desire a tattoo or those who wish to start a respectable and well associated business it is important to understand that tattoos are permanent mark on the body and when unconcealed can cause a larger than imagined consequences. They are a permanent part of the bodies that are marked and in turn the bodies that mark America. It is not that tattoos are an awful form of self expression, but the fact that there is a time and place to make a statement, and the work field is not one of them.
The art of tattooing started as a tradition in the cultures of the ancient East at a time of approximately 6000 BC. From this point tattoos made their way towards eastern civilization and then into the America’s by 2000 BC (sanders 9). Tattoos first entrance as a part of American culture started with the military, as veterans returned home and marked their bodies as tributes to their time in the war and the sacrifices that were made (Lande, Bahroo, and Soumoff 921). Stemming from the Militaries form of expression the idea of displaying one’s message for the world to see caught a hold of other American citizens. Over time, being tattooed became a form of differentiating oneself from the masses (921). Especially since the electric tattoo machine was invented in the early 1900s, making tattoos more affordable for the middle and lower working classes of society (Roberts 154). This caused the “social elites to distance themselves from and stigmatize the practice previously celebrated as an indicator of status and/or one's knowledge of foreign cultures” (154). Tattooing was no longer a special distinction from other cultural but now a country wide adaption of cultures, this caused those of the “elite statuses” to look down on and separate themselves from the lower class, causing the start of the stigma that tattoos are deviant and wrong.
A century later the tattoo has found its way into all aspects of American culture, and almost every time the decision is filled down to what design or message will make each person different from the next. Every person’s decision on whether or not to get a tattoo if factored by their...

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