Tattoos Should Be Allowed In The Workplace

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In today’s world there are several occupations one may choose from once receiving an education. Whether a person wants to be a doctor, a teacher, or a business person, one should be able to use their education to gain access to that job. Getting a job is no easy task, for there are many people who are also searching for that same job. Employers will interview many people just to find the right one and often times will have many stand-out applications to evaluate. When it comes down to making a decision, something as simple as having a tattoo could ruin every hope one has of getting the job. One may ask, “why does having a tattoo ruin ones chance of getting a job?” A tattoo would ruin one’s chances at getting a job simply because it is wrongly viewed as unprofessional.
Starting off as juices and markings, tattoos were nothing more than ways of identification and personalization. Rubbing juices extracted from plants onto your face and arms is the most notable to people. Also using bone needles and pigments to tattoo in a more modern fashion was common. Ancient descendants used what they had and although it wasn’t painless and easy, it worked.
Tattoos have been used as a form of decoration on the body of the Egyptian mummies. In fact, tattoos were viewed as a “beautifying operation” to the Typee natives and in Wales they were once a royal fad. There have been many eras to see the tattoo as a prestigious decoration. The Japanese also practiced a form of tattooing that covered their warriors in intimidating designs. But after years of beauty and prestige, what changed the views of people? What made tattoos rebellious and unprofessional?
Whether or not one can conclude tattoos as professional or unprofessional depends on how one views them. As stated previously, there have been many eras in the past that saw tattoos as royal and beautifying, but the modern world contradicts past’s views seeing that only grungy and dirty people get them. Tattoos are often times gang affiliated for members to show loyalty to the gang. Simply having a tattoo could potentially raise eyebrows from peers and employers.
A situation in 2002 led to a police officer being forced to wear long sleeves and pants to conceal his tattoos. The department, which allowed for it’s officers to have tattoos, decided to make one officer hide his tattoos because “[they] were so excessive as to be unprofessional.” The tattoos that were being prohibitedd included “a Celtic tribal band, a Celtic design with his wife’s name, a mermaid, a family crest, the cartoon character Jessica Rabbitt, and, on his back, a two-foot by two-foot full-color rendering of St. Michael spearing Satan.” One can only wonder why one man’s tattoos are considered unprofessional while other’s are not.
Although there are people who are quick to judge and view tattoos in a bad light, there are also the people who keep an open mind and see it for the art that it is. Tattoos have become an up and coming trend...

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