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The subject of education is a prominent talking point in today’s society; everyone has their own ideas on what needs improvement and where schools are lacking. The most worrying focus, however, is the subject of blame and responsibility. Passed rapidly between man different groups, this ball of resentment and accountability has landed, and continues to land, into the laps of local advocates, schools, and teachers themselves. What kind of effect does this have on the effectiveness of educators who are already stretched to their limits? Schools, especially those in poverty stricken areas, are at an impasse as their improvements are stifled by the unfair expectations of government and higher society. I am here to talk to you today about this vicious cycle of accountability and the effects it has on those who are never given the chance to reach their potential.
For those of us who can look back on our years in public schools and remember a quality education that led to future successes, let this be a reminder that we are incredibly lucky. Across our nation, hidden both in pockets of poverty often overlooked and in areas of prosperity with improper funding allocation, there are schools which struggle to provide the quality of education children deserve in this day and age. There are teachers who are passionate about passing on knowledge but who cannot provide it due to obstacles in the classroom. There is a great stress placed on school boards by the public and government alike to meet the high expectations of a quality education. Some, generally the well-funded and well located, can meet this goal with flying colors, setting a standard for schools to follow and strive to. Others are left at the bottom. These schools are at the bottom “typically have access to fewer resources and typically receive less funding from the state even though they serve students with substantially greater need” (Noguera, 2004). The frustration and stress brought on to teachers and school boards alike from this struggle add an additional factor which impairs the overall success of the school. As they find themselves unable to provide a proper education they are belittled, threatened, and warned by government officials and the public who expect the same levels of education as produced by those schools in higher positions of power and respect. Mistreated for problems that are often assumed to be faults of the school rather than outside sources, teachers lose as much faith in the education system as the students and parents do, causing an overall negative cycle of indifference and inability that is difficult to repair.
If you are struggling to understand the importance of this situation in the future of America, now is the time to remember that education is the very backbone for improvements and success. Innovation, creativity, and prosperity stem...

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