Taurus, The “Bull” Constellation Essay

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There are many scientific explanations and literary accounts for the constellation Taurus. The name comes from the Latin language and translates to “bull.” Taurus is commonly known as “the bull” (“Taurus Constellation”; Wilkinson).
Taurus is also famously known for being the second zodiac sign (“Taurus”). For someone to have Taurus as their zodiac sign, they have to be born on any day from April 20 to May 20 (Birth Dates and Corresponding Sun Signs). People born during this time are said to be very stable and down-to-earth. They are also known to be dependable but also stubborn (“Taurus” About the Bull).
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Messier 1 is over eight thousand light years away from the sun and has a magnitude of 8.4. Another set of deep sky objects in Taurus are the Pleiades. The Pleiades are also known as the Seven Sisters. The Seven Sisters is an open star cluster within the proximity of Taurus. It is the easiest star cluster to find because of its proximity to earth and the magnitude of the stars of which it is comprised. However, this cluster will only be in existence for about 250 million more years and then gravity from other areas will pull it apart. The Hyades Cluster is another famous star cluster found within Taurus. It is an open cluster and has a plethora of stars that all follow the same path throughout space. The stars in Hyades originate from the same place and in the same way and are the same age. In addition, Hyades is the closest cluster to our sun. Aldebaran, Taurus’s brightest and biggest star is not part of this cluster but is in the same vicinity. Listed here are only a few of the deep sky objects known within Taurus. There is such a multitude of objects found within “the Bull” that it would be nearly impossible to count all of them (“Taurus Constellation”).
There is a Greek Myth associated with this constellation. Like many other Greek myths, this one involves Zeus. The myth says that Zeus fell in love with Europa, who was the daughter of the Phoenician King, Agenor. She was known to be very beautiful. Zeus loved the princess very much, thus he changed himself into a bull and went to her (“Taurus”). Because he was the most handsome bull there, he convinced her to ride away with him. They went all the way back to the city of Crete, near the sea. He then...

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