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Whether or not to keep or discard the Bush era tax cuts for the wealthy, give tax breaks to the lowest tax bracket, and even throwing out the entire current tax code and replacing it with a simpler version, tax code and tax law has been a very controversial topic for the past few years. As it stands, the current tax code has over seventy two thousand pages, compared to the four hundred pages it had in 1913. There are many different stakeholders in this debate including taxpayers, corporations, businesses, etc. Americans for Tax Reform (ATR) is an organization that was “founded in 1985 by Grover Norquist at the request of President Reagan”(.N.p.). Their goal is to create and advocate for ...view middle of the document...

So in one way it does have a rhetorical appeal.
The second image chosen from the ATR website is an advertisement advocating for taxpayers to get in touch with their local officials. As it is the voters that decide who is elected to office, it is imperative that elected officials listen to their voters wants and needs. Legislators, senators, and representatives are all people that citizens can get into contact with regarding having tax law changed. The advertisement allows for viewers to click on a link to be redirected to see if their officials have signed the “Taxpayer Protection Pledge”, the advertisement also has an example of what that pledge looks like, which makes it look very official. The easily distinguishable fonts and colors make the advertisement easy to read and not overpowering. The fact that government officials have already signed the pledge of the organization gives ATR a substantial amount of credibility, making the rhetorical appeal used in this image ethos.
Together these two images create an appeal to stakeholders through ethos and overall add to the credibility of the organizations website. It appeals not only to stakeholders already in favor of a flat tax but stakeholders on the fence, wary of whether or not altering the tax code would be beneficial or not. The images successful appeal to ethos is simple and informative. The images help in aiding the website, connecting to other similar stakeholders through the use of other social networking sites, such as Facebook. It includes recent and relevant news articles on the topic of tax reform. There is an area where taxpayers can take the pledge to support ATR, as well as a place to donate money to help send their spokes person around to different states. Although, the images, and the website as well could be more successful. The website overall mainly appeals to ethos, with no other rhetorical appeals. There is no appeal to kairos, which could easily achieved by using tax information from the past and comparing it to now. There is no appeal to logos, that could have been achieved by giving statistics of how a flat tax is beneficial. Since this topic concerns...

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