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Taxonomic Classification Of The Cone Shell Snail (Conus Geographus) And The Uses Of Its Venom

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Conus geographusIntro - Slide 1 (Cone shell snail)Ralph Waldo Emerson once stated "The most dangerous thing is illusion". Good morning/afternoon ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tobias and today I will speak to you on the dangerous illusion that is the Geography Cone.Ranging in size from four to six inches the geography cone is hardly a terrifying sight. In fact, the intricate patterns found on its shell are almost trancelike, but beneath this facade of beauty is some of the most potent venom known to man.Cone Shell Snails/C. geographus - slide 2The geography cone or Conus geographus is one of over 500 species of cone shell snails. Typically, these snails inhabit the warm and tropical seas ...view middle of the document...

Again, a Holden Monaro is not the same as a Holden Cruze, yet both are types of Holden cars. Thus a car must be categorised as a type of vehicle, and both Holden and Lamborghini must be classified as TYPES of cars, and a Cruze and Monaro must be classified as TYPES of HOLDEN cars.Classification of Cone shell snail slide - slide 4To assist in this classification certain fields of classification have been established. These are known as Taxa, the seven main Taxa known to man are, from smallest to largest Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, and Species. Using these Taxa plus the Taxon of domain, C. geographus is classified under the Domain of Eukarya, kingdom Animalia, Phylum Mollusca, Class Gastropoda, Order Caenogastropoda, family Conidae, Genus Conus and species geographus.Domain Eukarya - Slide 5The 3 Domain system was discovered by Carl Woese in 1990, it consists of the domains Archaea, Eubacteria and Eukarya. Of the 3 Domains Eukarya is the sole classification of Eukaryotic organisms. Whilst organisms classified under this domain can be unicellular or Colonial, the vast majority are multicellular and the cells of all organisms divide by means of mitosis.Kingdom Animalia - slide 6The six kingdoms were first recognized by Carl Woese but was further investigated by certain other scientists. Essentially it divides life into six different "kingdoms", being bacteria, archaea, protista, plantae, fungi, animalia.Kingdom animalia is comprised of eukaryotic metazoans whose cells have further developed for specific purposes to form tissues. These tissues are further classified into 3 separate categories, endodermic tissue, which consists of inner layer tissues, ectodermic tissue, outer cell layer tissue and mesodermic tissue, a middle layer of cells. These tissues will be further arranged to form some sort of body cavity within the organism, depending on the arrangement of these tissues the organism will be either an acoelomate, pseudocoelomate or a true coelom.Kingdom Animalia cont'd - slide 7Providing support to the organism must be some form of skeleton. Within the kingdom animalia three forms of skeleton are present the first being an exoskeleton, a support structure on the surface of the animal. On the contrary is an endoskeleton, which is an internal support structure. Certain organisms within kingdom animalia rely on water to provide structure; this is known as a hydrostatic skeleton. Depending on the support structure certain animals may or may not be mobile, however all animals must have the ability to move at some stage of life.Any nutrition obtained by an animal is done so through the consumption of another organism, thus all animals are heterotrophic. Due to their heterotrophic nature the digestive system of an animal revolves around a tube or a gut. Food is digested internally and waste products are expelled accordingly, hence the need of both a mouth and anus.Symmetry is a key characteristic of kingdom animalia. Be it bilateral,...

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