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Personality types are very serious. Honestly, I’m happy I finally really learned something about myself. This is very informative to me. It shows me why I act like I act. Being able to say yes that’s me and I’m okay with it is a wonderful feeling.
Now, when I took the first personality quiz I found out I was Cheerful Sanguine and Clever Melancholy. The cheerful sanguine is known for leadership, determination, discipline, drive, outgoing and outspoken nature, persuasion, productivity, focus, aggression and boldness. All those traits are definitely me. I do need to focus more on details and facts, exercise control over my actions, words and EMOTIONS. Last, but not least I need to talk less; ...view middle of the document...

ENFPs strive to be independent, so they do not always welcome attention. Sometimes I like attention, and sometimes I don’t. I’m a very independent person because I DO NOT LIKE HANDOUTS. I rather work for it. I’m a very emotional and sensitive person; especially if I am attach to you. This is a bittersweet feeling because I do be emotionally stress because I focus too much on other people’s motives and the possible meanings behind their actions. I do have difficulties dealing with routine, administrative matter because I like freedom. I rather try to come up with something interesting; then deal with simple yet boring task. My personality type is known for relaxing, drawing my imagination, enthusiasm, and people skills. We can be very serious and passionate about work during the day and then later let off steam at night. This is totally true, for example, if I had a bad day at school I can go out that night and feel better.
Some strengths of being an ENFP is very popular and friendly, energetic and enthusiastic, know how to relax, excellent communicators and curious. ENFPs are cooperative; we do our best to be empathic and friendly in every situation. I do get along with everybody and have a large circle of acquaintances, ENFPs tend to have great people skills, and instantly know how to present idea’s in a convincing way. I can hold small and deep talk; meaningful conversations. I’m very open-minded and imaginative. I love trying new things and if going outside the box is necessary I will do so.
Some ENFPs weaknesses are highly emotional, poor practical skills, over thinkers, stress easily, difficult to focus and very independent. Now, before I go any further I have to say these are truly my weaknesses. I have intense emotions...

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