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Ever since I was in eighth grade, I have been obsessed with Taylor Swift. She has been my role model since I was thirteen. When you look at most singers today, they have to be singing about drugs or alcohol, using vulgar language, or performing half-dressed. You never see Taylor Swift doing anything that she would be ashamed of later in life. On the other hand, she has had many relationships that have lasted short time periods. At least, she is not getting married for 72 days or even 24 hours such Kim Kardashian or Britney Spears. This is why I chose to write a research paper on her.
Taylor Swift was born Taylor Alison Swift (Rawson). She was born on December 13, 1989 (Higgins). She was born in Reading, Pennsylvania (http://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/palitmap/bios/Swift__Taylor.html). “ She grew up in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania”(Rawson). Her mom’s name is Andrea Swift . She is a successful businesswoman. Her dad’s name is Scott Swift. He is a stockbroker. They named her Taylor because her parents did not want discriminated by her gender before anybody met her (Spencer). “ She grew up on a Christmas-tree farm” (http://pabook.libraries.psu.edu/palitmap/bios/Swift__Taylor.html). On the farm, there were” several cats and 7 horses” (Spencer). She rode horses competitively (Spencer). She has a brother, Austin, who is 2 years younger than her (Schartwtz ). Her grandmother was an opera singer (Spencer). That is where Taylor got her talent (Spencer).
Taylor’s grandmother was a famous opera singer. Her name was Marjorie Finaly. She was Taylor’s inspiration for music. She would sing during family parties. She was the center of attention. She performed in many different countries. She performed in many operas and musicals. Taylor could memories song lyrics very quickly when she was young. She talked so much that she would eventually make up her own words (Spencer) . “She sang at fairs when she was young” ( Shea)
Another talent she has is writing. She likes to write. She used to love to be told stories. She loves to write poetry. “In the fourth grade, she won a national poetry contest for the composition “ Monster in my Closet”. She also “ wrote a three hundred and fifty novel during one of her school summer vacations”. She also modeled. She loved to pose. When she was 5, a photographer wanted her mom to take her to Hollywood. (Spencer)
Taylor performed for the first time publically when she was 8 years old. She played Sandy in Grease. She sang her songs with a country accent. It was natural for her. “From that point on, Taylor knew that country music was the style of music she liked best”(Rawson). She sang at a lot of different venues. She liked to sing the National Anthem at different events. She handed out demos when she was eleven years old in Nashville. She started to become a songwriter when she came home from unsuccessful trip to Nashville. She was very persistent about learning how to play the guitar. She was offered a record deal when she was...

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