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December 4, 2017
Facing Post-Partum Depression
“Get rid of it,” that was China’s way of excusing herself from the responsibility she needed to face. China wasn’t a grown woman yet, which might be the reason she committed the senseless act of killing her new born. Young pregnancy is a leading cause of Post-Partum Depression.
Unfortunately women seem to lose focus of reality when love is involved especially while being pregnant, postpartum depression can be equally as dangerous. According to Joanne E. Campbell in her research on The Environmental, Cultural, Relational and Physiological Aspects of Postpartum Depression:
Postpartum depression denotes a serious mental illness describing the period in a new mother's life immediately after labor and delivery upon transitioning into the birth recovery state. A woman’s pregnancy presents a multitude of changes: physical, social situational, hormonal fluctuations, thought processes and daily adjustments. As a woman goes through the transitions of conception, pregnancy and delivery, it is not surprising that she experiences mood changes internally as well as externally. Internally her body is making adjustments to support the fetus and to prepare for the baby’s delivery. For the mother, it could be a time of jubilation, fear, confusion, ambivalence, happiness, anguish, pain, exhaustion, unhappiness, heightened awareness, numbness, surprise, disappointment, bliss, intimidation, guilt, shame, anxiety, sadness, and more. Women may have a limitless wave of emotions during and after delivery as well.
Campbell also describes the time immediately after childbirth is the period when a woman is at high risk for becoming psychotic. Defining a psychotic state may be difficult because someone suffering from this diagnosis may not share their strange experiences or bizarre thoughts with others for fear of what...

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