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ORGANIZATIONAL BEHAVIOR - IIPROJECT ONTATA CONSULTANCY SERVICESSubmitted by:Group 6Akshey RajeshAshish JainPooja MittalSameer AroraSugandh ChughC. SushmaVidhushi TyagiTata Consultancy ServicesI. Introduction and history of TCSTata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational IT service, consulting and business Solutions Company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. It is a subsidiary of the Tata group and is listed on both the BSE and the NSE.HISTORY & TIMELINETata Consultancy Services Ltd was founded in 1968 by a division of Tata Sons Limited. Its early contracts included providing punched card services, which refers to a stiff paper that contains command for controlling the automated machine or the data for data processing operations, to sister company TISCO (now Tata Steel), working on an Inter-Branch Reconciliation System for the Central Bank of India, and providing bureau services to Unit Trust of India.In 1975, TCS conducted its first campus interviews, held at IISc, Bangalore. The recruits comprised 12 Indian Institutes of Technology graduates and three IISc graduates, who became the first TCS employees to enter a formal graduate trainee program.In 1979, TCS delivered an electronic depository and trading system called SECOM for the Swiss company SIS SegaInterSettle. TCS followed this up with System X for the Canadian Depository System and automating the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. TCS associated with a Swiss partner, TKS Teknosoft, which it later acquired.In 1981, TCS established India's first dedicated software research and development centre, the Tata Research Development and Design Centre (TRDDC) in Pune.In 1985 TCS established India's first client-dedicated offshore development centre, set up for clients Tandem.In early the Indian IT outsourcing industry grew rapidly due to the Y2K bug and the launch of a unified European currency, Euro. TCS created the factory model for Y2K conversion and developed software tools which automated the conversion process and enabled third-party developer and client implementation.By 2008, TCS's e-business activities were generating over US$500 million in annual revenues.On 25 August 2004, TCS became a publicly listed company.In 2005, TCS became the first India-based IT services company to enter the bioinformatics market.In 2006, TCS designed an ERP system for the Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation.In 2008, TCS undertook an internal restructuring exercise which aimed to increase the company's agility.TCS entered the small and medium enterprises market for the first time in 2011, with cloud-based offerings. On the last trading day of 2011, TCS overtook RIL to achieve the highest market capitalisation of any India-based company.In the 2011/12 fiscal year, TCS achieved annual revenues of over US$10 billion for the first time.In May 2013, TCS was awarded a six-year contract worth over 1100 crores to provide services to the Indian Department of Posts.In 2013 TCS moved from the 13th...

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Tcs Design Essay

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