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People are misunderstood all throughout our world. We have all been misunderstood one way or another. The purpose of my choice to explore why people are misunderstood is that I want to find the root cause of why people are misunderstood and to discover ways to begin to understand others. Wrong accusations, invariable judging, and even death are the effect of being misunderstood and the world would be a better place if the human race began to understand each other.
To find my information, I used my old “Choosing Health” textbook from my Health Concept and Strategies class I took last year at Palm Beach State College. The “Relationships and Communication” section provided a lot of information about how to use communication to help relationships. I also read “The Green Mile.” This book is a prime example of somebody being misunderstood. John Coffey, the main character, is a big and broad African American man who is wrongly accused of killing twin girls and has to suffer the consequence of a death penalty. I learned about Criss Jami, the lead singer of Venus in Arms, who studied philosophy in college and read his unique and intellectual writing. He has written many books that contain countless insightful thoughts. I also read some of Richard Bach’s simple yet meaningful lines in his book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, a book whose theme is that we should all strive to reach our vastest goals and break from the boundaries that limit us. Lastly, I researched what other people thought it took to be understood and how to better understand by others.
We, as human beings, continuously perceive our thoughts and opinions to be the correct ones. Humans have a self-importance that raises themselves up onto a higher par than the people around them. We can’t feel what other people feel physically, emotionally, or spiritually. The only feelings we are able to experience are our own senses. Perhaps if we were able to experience the feelings and the five senses of others, there would be much less complications in the world. Because of our self-importance and our inability to sense each others feelings, we unintentionally perceive other people as unimportant game pieces in our significant game of life.
Although our ideas seem perfectly logical, every person around us thinks the same way. We were all raised with different families, schools, and peers. These factors are very influential to our current beliefs and if one of the major factors changed, we would not be the same people today. Not one person was raised the same or had dealt with the same experiences, so not one person thinks exactly the same as another one, leaving many opportunities for misunderstandings.
There are currently over 7,000,000,000 (seven billion) citizens occupying the world. Personally, I have gotten myself into countless misunderstandings with various people whether it was or was not my intent. Although most of us have experienced many more misunderstandings and problems with other people,...

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