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The experience of teaching my English classmates was engaging and beneficial, yet at the same time, very challenging. While I did learn to better manage my time, as well as how to think on my feet, I found that the experience was much more stressful than I originally anticipated . In the end, I learned much more about the poem Musée des Beaux Arts by W.H. Auden then I ever could have by learning passively.
1) Time Management
One of the biggest problems my partner and I encountered was how to manage our time during class. Figuring out how we would compress so much material into the short fifty-minute period we were allotted would be a significantly greater challenge than we had expected. When it came time to teach, we found that we had so many details to cover, but would not have time for them all. Deciding on an olfactory approach instead of a traditional approach ultimately became our downfall. At the beginning of class, we opened with a YouTube clip of the story of Icarus to give some background on our poem. Following the video, I asked a student to read the poem and the paraphrase, and presented an activity which prompted the students to draw the image that the poem evoked in their heads. Now, while the video and this drawing activity were no doubt engaging for the students, they took up valuable class time in which there were much more important things to cover such as the abundant symbolism and the mechanics of the poem. We ended up trying to rush into the mechanics without fully discussing the poem. Our teacher stopped us and asked us to discuss the poem fully, and we ended up having to do the mechanics in another class period. So although my partner and I did not exercise effective time management for this project, I now know what to expect in the future and how to...

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