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Teach For America Essay

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I come from a family of educators, so it is safe to say that teaching is in my blood. I looked into other methods of teaching certification until I found this program. I stumbled upon the Teach for America website while doing research for my senior thesis. While reading about the program, I felt something tell me that applying for this position was my purpose. I want a career that will make a difference in the lives of students that have not been given the same opportunities as I have been given. I want a career that will make others find their passion for learning. Most importantly, I want a career that will better the world. Teach for America is the beginning of that career.

I live in Santee, South Carolina which is known for at-risk schools and failing grades. At my husband's restaurant, I interact with student employees on a daily basis that have so much potential if given the proper tools for success. Most of the student employees I have met do not continue to college and half of those do not even finish high school. I cannot express how saddened I have been to learn that some have ended up in jail which can directly be contributed to their socioeconomic upbringing. Teach for America provides more than just a teaching position-- it provides the opportunity to be a mentor to children who desperately need good role models.

Teach for an America is an amazing program, and I would be proud to join the ranks of educators that are helping change lives.

I recently finished a position as a teacher’s assistant at the Walterboro extension of University of South Carolina while finishing my senior thesis. My thesis focused heavily on educational reform in my home state of South Carolina with an emphasis on successfully implementing Common Core in low-income areas. In my paper, I researched and encouraged the utilization of portfolio assessments in conjunction with standardized testing in South Carolina’s classrooms. Portfolio assessments help students from low-income communities better understand the curriculum while impressing the importance of setting personal educational goals in order to succeed. I plan on using portfolios in my future classroom experiences. I believe that portfolio assessments...

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