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Teacher And Student Rights Essay

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Teacher and Student rights have been evolving ever since the 60’s and 70’s. Prior to this, teachers substituted as the students’ parents while they at school, “en loco parentis”. Now, teachers have been restricted from laying a single hand on students or even saying anything that may offend them. In addition to strict regulations for teachers, they also implemented more limitations on students. Although I don’t think that teachers or students should be allowed to say and do whatever they please, there are some laws that need to be changed. The success of the students have a lot to do with the environment of the classroom and allowing the students and teachers to have freedom of ...view middle of the document...

My best friend was expelled from school for bringing Advil to school. I found this just ridiculous being that is was extremely evident that he was sick, but because of the zero tolerance rule he was expelled. How does someone that brings Advil and marijuana to school have the same penalties? Instead of taking a moment of mistake and just opting for the easiest way out, schools should utilize these moments as a moment to educate the students. For instance, they could have had a seminar about drugs; showing them what effects drugs can have on the body.
I don’t think anything is wrong with the teacher having an “educational” relationship with his or her students. This relationship will provide the teacher with inside detail that may lead them to connect with the student in a different way; which would ultimately help them with their academic work. In the Spanierman v. Hughes case they didn’t disclose the extent of which he was being inappropriate on his Myspace page, but if it wasn’t anything sexual or anything that affected other mentally then nothing is wrong with that. No, students should not speak to their teachers on their personal social media pages, yet they should be allowed to create a different...

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