Teacher Observation In El Sausal Middle School, Monterey County

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For my classroom observation I had the opportunity of sitting in on an 8th grade regular education classroom at El Sausal Middle School around mid February around 8:50 am located in Monterey County. Upon my arrival I was asked to sign the visitor sign-up sheet and for some peculiar reason I experienced déjà vu. I was taken to the days and times I came into the office seeking to talk to my counselor about my grades or classes to take for next quarter. In my opinion I felt unidentified since the office had new staff members and my previous counselors couldn’t retain information of who I was. One of the staff members was the one to assign where I was to observe. I couldn’t retain myself from expressing to the staff member, “those murals were not there when I attended this school and that looks different” I’m still unsure if I really want to enter the teaching profession. On the other hand, I am curious about the opportunities I could pursue with the profession, except I took this course with an objective to succeed and open the door into the teaching career.
When I first walked into Mrs. G’s English classroom, I had mixed emotions. I was eager to be there and I’m glad I was provided with an opportunity to interact with students and the teacher before class started. It felt lovely to be greeted by Mrs. G. with a good morning and small greeting. There are approximately 24 students and I did my best to count them as fast I could without making it uncomfortable for the scholars. Approximately, there are 13 boys and 11 girls with only 1 teacher. The classroom at El Sausal Middle School had a multicolored and untidy setting. When I say “untidy,” I mean that the desks, the materials and the equipment felt older and that they had been through a lot of use. In fact, I felt I had used some of those desks except I wasn’t unsure. All the markers and coloring materials were neatly stacked into bins, regardless of the size; there were piles of random objects like boxes with old paperwork [perhaps the student’s paperwork], plastic containers and a file cabinet. The walls were still white other than it had posters from the student’s group projects and colorful banners informing students to strive for success. Their desks were placed in horizontal rows making it easier for them to interact with each other. When you walked into this classroom, you distinguish right away that it was a place for self-discovery and becoming a diligent learner.
While observing, I witnessed many interactions between the students and the teacher. The teacher had jokes for the students. They really seemed to enjoy this method and encouraged the teacher to use it. Every time the students were asked questions she will praise them whether their answer was right or wrong. I felt the students really enjoyed being praised by their educator. After she finished the lesson she’ll pair them up in groups and will walk around the classroom to aid students who had trouble comprehending the material....

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