Teacher Philosophy To Show What Kind Of Educator I Want To Be In My Upcoming Classroom. Educ 1301 Philosophy Paper

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Crystal Boone
EDUC 1301.3T03
20 February 2018
Teaching Philosophy
My personal goal for my future classroom is to challenge students and watch them grow to their full potential. I want to see my students work together from all different levels of understanding. Therefore, group work is the key to having a successful class and something I value, epically with older students. To watch the different levels of knowledge in one class help their peers, this changes each person and transforms the atmosphere of the class as a whole.
Students have different levels of motivation, they also have different attitudes about teaching and learning. When I see this as a teacher, it will help me understand the differences of my students and I can use this information as an advantage. A positive way I could use this, is putting my more intelligent students with a student that might be struggling with that topic, or subject. Hearing a lesson from someone your age, using the vocabulary the students already know could help the student that was struggling.
Group work benefits both students and teachers. Students develop communication and teamwork skills. Which makes the class room more comfortable and fun to be in. Another benefit pf group work is the content of the...

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