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This assignment is based on my seven week placement in a year 3 class in East London.
Critical Incident 1
During one of my first maths lesson in the school, I was working with the higher ability children. At this point I had not seen the teachers plan for this lesson or the term. The lesson was on subtraction using tricky columns. The school uses the Maths Makes Sense scheme, it was the first time I had seen this scheme being used. The scheme follows strict wording which needs to be used throughout the children’s learning. I did not fully understand or did I know the exacting wording that had to be used. So when I was asked by one of the children so help them, I felt very uncomfortably and struggled to an extent to explain to her how to complete to sum. Even though I knew the method they were using it was the wording to go with the method that I couldn’t explain to her. The Maths Makes Sense method use the word cups for units and tys for tens and doesn’t use the word borrowing which would have been the way I had learned.
Critical Incident 2
In my second week of placement, the classroom teacher told me and another trainee that she would be out of the classroom for 10 mins after lunch and we had to bring the class in and get them settle for a maths lesson. This was the first time we had been left in the class by ourselves in this placement. I knew the lesson for maths and the power point was up on the computer. After 10 mins the teacher had not returned so we decided to get the class started on the lesson. The teacher was out of the class for 40 mins and by the time she had come back we had a majority of the lesson given and she had only a small bit left to do. During this time I was very nervous as it was my first whole class teaching and had no plan to go from. But the lesson went really well and children completed everything and understood it and the class teacher was very impressed. Even though I had been anxious and unsure I was still able to do what needed to be done.
Incident 1
Thinking Strategies
Non- events
Why was it difficult for me to understand and teach the method of Maths on my first day of placement?
a) Plus, minus and interesting
The pupils had been learning a new area in maths which they had never done before. It was a new scheme which had only been brought into the school. A positive for me is that I got to learn this new method of maths with the children and I got the same input as they had meaning we both knew the same thing. The negative would have to be that this was a different method than I was thought with specific words that need to be said, which I didn’t know or understand till later. I was asked to work with my group for this lesson and they were asking me how it was done and I had been confused by the words so my help would not have been to the best as it could be. The interesting side of this incident was because I got thrown into the deep end from the start I got to learn how to think on my...

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