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Stewart 1Teacher Retention and Recruitment: What's the Problem?IntroductionAs an aspiring teacher, I feel that we need more teachers who are passionate about teaching, instead of looking at teaching as just a "paycheck". I personally have met teachers, who I felt really did not enjoy their job, therefore how could I ever learn anything from a teacher that was not even interested in the topic that they are discussing. I believed that these teachers once yearned to be in the classroom, but something must have turned them off from the classroom. In the research paper I will be researching the problem behind teacher retention and recruitment, and trying to find out why it is becoming a problem with finding and keeping the right qualified teachers in our schools.Bing Search Engine: Teacher Retention a Critical National Problem.Teacher retention is becoming a serious problem in United States. Almost fifty percent of new teachers are leaving their field of study within the first five years (Dill and Stafford 2008). Why is it becoming so hard to find a qualified teacher, and not just based off academic standards? Well, there has never been any real way to determine if a person will be good at teaching, which could be one of the reason that teachers are not staying around long. As these teachers stray away from teaching, they leave behind a dozens of jobs that need to be filled, which becomes costly over time. The "No Child Left behind Act" has really put pressure on to higher more qualified teachers. However, there might be an answer to the problem of retaining and recruiting teachers. According to Vicky Dill & Delia Stafford of the Haberman Foundation, Dr. Haberman, who is a teacher education has developed an interview process called 'The Star Teacher Selection Interview', which is a process sure to weed out the qualified teachers, who are committed to the kids and dedicated to the profession from the ones who are most likely to leave the field. The interview process is composed of ten components, and the response given back based on these components determine if you get the job. Persistence, approach to students, organizing and planning are just a few of the components discussed in the interviewing process. There has been some success stories of school districts using the Haberman process. It is possible that if 'The Star Teacher Selection Process' is used more frequently and with more school districts it can reduce the time and money spent on recruiting teachers. As stated before so much is at stake when the retention rate is low, and when less time is spent on recruitment of teachers, more time can spent on the students and making sure that no child is left behind.URL: http://www.educationnews.org/articles/teacher-retention-a-critical-national-problem.htmlEvaluation of website:This site is credible because it is ranked as one of the #1 source for k12 and higher education news. Also sites like these usually have editors who have to approve the...

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