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Lurking over our great country is a troubling issue that is plaguing the professional educational workforce. When compared worldwide, American teachers work the most hours, yet are paid in the lowest brackets when related to the top 32 nations (Teachers Pay). In addition, when you compare a teacher’s salary to other four year degree salaries, teachers are among the 5 lowest paid degrees (O’Shaughnessy). Not only are the salaries among the lowest in the American workforce, a typical teachers at home workload exceeds all other professional jobs by 20% (Current). Furthermore, teachers were only given a 2.3% salary raise in 2009. Yet the rate of inflation rose to 3.1% causing a loss in purchasing power and creating a hardship on the professionals trying to instruct America’s youth (Carter). With teachers having such an important role in our society certain states like New York have conducted studies to monitor teachers reactions and teaching styles based upon their pay. While some see a reason for such large expenditures on our Department of Defense others tend to forget about the most important of the departments, the Department of Education. With 710 billion dollars being spent on the Department of Defense in the year of 2010 and only 110 billion on the Department of Education, it’s understandable to hear the common term “teachers are underpaid” (HOW). Even though states like New York have tried to create incentive programs for teachers, they just don’t allow them enough time to actually prosper. The high standards, low pay, poorly managed government budgets, and lack of effective solutions is causing various problems among the overworked and underpaid teachers of America.
Researchers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics say that teachers are not underpaid, and that the profession rises above others. If one was to use data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics from 2006 it shows that if you base a teacher’s pay hourly, it becomes roughly 30 dollars an hour. According to an hourly wage, that would place a teacher’s salary above accountants, computer programmers, and mechanical engineers at the entry level. In addition to the hourly rate, teachers often are given economic incentives that aren’t available to other jobs (Teachers). These same researchers also claim that the benefits given to teachers far outweigh those of rival professions. Therefore, stating that based off limited research, teachers are paid an adamant amount of money, and need not complain (Anderson).
In contrast there are many reasons why teachers truly are underpaid. First, what these researchers fail to make public, is the fact that the hourly wage that they base a teachers pay is centered only on the hours that a teacher is present at school. They do not take into consideration the hours that teachers put in at home. On average a teacher will work 20% more Sundays than any other profession, these hours will not be paid or documented into a teachers pay schedule. The reasoning...

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