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Teacher Student Relationship Essay

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American education philosopher John Dewey in his book ‘Democracy and Education’ said, ‘Society not only continues to exist by transmission, by communication, but it may be fairly said to exist in transmission, in communication.’ And schooling is one of the systems which communication happens between different groups of people so that the existing society can continue to exist by means of imparting established knowledge, skills and value within that society. Undoubtedly, we all know the importance of communication within school; we are only not sure about what kind of communication can be considered as effective in the school setting. In this paper, therefore I am going to ...view middle of the document...

So that, to obtain the goal of education, it is necessary to start with good relationship in the whole process of classroom communication.

Yet, the teacher-student relationship is multifarious. It is because its nature already implies power difference with the teachers above and the students below. Second, if the teachers are ‘too kind’ who give away too much power, there is danger that the students will not listen to the teachers’ instruction. Third, the teacher cannot be too tough as it will lead to confrontation. So I believe teacher-student relationship should be friendly but the teacher should remain an authorial figure in the heart of the students.

Being aware of first impression
In order to make the relationship to be sustained, teacher should pay attention to rapport in the earliest stage. According to Simons and Copper (), the initiating stage of relationship between teachers and students start as early as the moment teachers enter the classroom. It is because of the psychological theories primacy effect – people tend to remember first sight. Such first impression on people is long-lasting. Therefore if the teacher present a poor image in his/her first lesson, this impression will imprint in the students’ mind. To get a good image, teacher should aware that his/her students are forming impression about him/her. He/she should stand straight, speak loudly and appear confidently to let the students know the teacher is authoritative. Such impression is useful in long term if the teacher want to deliver his/her message in future lessons.

Setting clear expectation
As we are in the initiating stage, teachers and students do not know much about each other. And it is very likely what happened in beginning can be determinative to what will happen in the future. Moreover, to make relationship grow...

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