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Teacher Supervision Report And Recommendations

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The teacher in this particular video decides to do a lesson on close-reading because this is something that is highlighted by the Common Core, as something that is important for the students to know how to do. I noticed that teacher went through this read-aloud lesson very slow, and that is something that is a must for close-reading any kind of text. I also noticed that the student engagement increased over time, as the conversations progressed throughout the lesson. I felt that all of the students seemed to be actively engaged, because the teacher had them listening, recording information in their notebooks and participating in partner and group shares.
The teacher demonstrated that she established rapport with students because this video captures that she has created a positive learning environment that is both welcoming and safe. It looks as though she has managed her class effectively because the students show respect by remaining on task, and they cooperate well with their pairs and as a class as a whole. She was also very consistent throughout the whole video with regards to giving her students feedback to their responses, and she was consistent with giving positive reinforcements like “that is brilliant”. The teacher also was able to deepen student learning by building on their responses by allowing one student to answer a particular question, but then she would allow other students to explained or add onto that students answer, without her just jumping in and giving the correct answer herself, which promotes thinking and makes them have to apply the literacy strategies that she taught them to be able to understand the text. This showed them respect by allowing adequate wait-time which gave her students the ability to think of an answer. She supported students with a variety of needs and backgrounds by choosing to do an interactive close-reading lesson, in which she read a nonfiction text about guerillas out loud to the class, and then she would reiterate what the book said in simpler terms. When she did this, she really enabled students to better grasp not only what the author was trying to say, but what the author was trying to suggest as well.
This lesson taught and supported students to engage in developing these essential literacy strategies and skills because as she read aloud, the students were also responsible for gathering important information in their notebooks, and then they were given the ability to practice sharing that information with their partners. So not only were these students hearing the information from their teachers, they also had to pull out the information that they felt was important, and then they had to share this information with their partners, so they would be “teaching” one of their peers, and hearing their partner’s “teaching” as well, and then those ideas all came back as a group-share, so it was reinforced in multiple mediums and on multiple levels. This helped students learn how to...

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