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In the world, there are various types of jobs. However, all kind of jobs have certain requirements related to qualities and traits. In addition, each of these jobs includes specific essential characteristics. Even though doctors and teachers have different professions, they hold many similar values, personalities, and traits that impact people’s lives in a better way like for a doctor is to cure the patient, conversely teachers allow students to find their passion and pursue them. The doctor can be described as a qualified person who treats patients who are unhealthy, and attempts to make them healthy again, while the teacher educates students in specialized subjects.
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For teachers, however, the schedule is flexible, so it is up to them on when to grade assignments. In addition, the teacher has frequently off, like holidays, vacation but doctors do not. Indeed, to become a doctor it takes up to ten-fourteen years plus they have to pass many board exams, whereas for a teacher it takes four-six years, and if they want to pursue a further degree he or she has to study for more years. However, doctor is put in much pressure, and there are many risks like exposed to contagious diseases, exposed to radiation for x-rays, hazardous chemicals and careless mistakes in surgeries or medicine. For example, in a newspaper I read the doctor did not treat a person who had an accident, in result his license got cancelled for a period of time. In some cases, the doctors’ licenses get cancelled forever of they make a mistake as causing the death of a patient. Conversely, if a student incorrectly accused a teacher of inappropriate behavior, then the teacher can be suspended and can lose the respect. Doctors and teachers jobs are similar as well because they both are highly appreciable and demandable in their fields. They have similar goals that focus on people and affection towards their students or patients. Being doctor takes lot preserves and hard work. Doctors have to treat each patient and cure for their health. The doctor finds patients symptoms to diagnose their injuries or illness. On the other hand, teachers have to be attentive on every student and to
be certain if they understood what they are taught. Teachers play a significant part in education when it comes to student interests. Many students tend to give up on...

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