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Teachers Should Be Allowed To Carry Guns

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With all of the school shootings that have happened lately I’m sure that most parents would want their child protected at any cost. As of January 2014, there had been an average of one school shooting every other school day. What are the schools doing to protect our kids when they are away from us at school? What more can be done to protect them? We are not able to be with our kids while they are at school, but we surely want to know that if a gunman does try to enter the school, there are measures in place to protect them. Should teachers be allowed to carry a handgun while in class? In my position argument I will discuss reasons that I feel that teachers should be able to carry while in ...view middle of the document...

There was an online poll taken that showed 72.4 percent of teachers would not likely bring a firearm to school if they were allowed to.
Let’s take the school shooting in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary for instance which is happened almost two years ago. Twenty children were killed along with six staff members by 20 year old Adam Lanza. Lanza entered the school by shooting his way through a class panel, because the doors were locked on a daily basis at 9:30 due to a new security protocol that had recently been put into place. Had there been someone there who was armed with a weapon, he could have possibly been taken out even before he reached the kids and was able to cause so much bloodshed. It took first responders nine minutes to arrive at the school, and the last shot was believed to be heard at 9:40, which was Lanza shooting himself in the head. I cannot say whether or not there would have been casualties had someone at the school been armed, but I am pretty sure that it would have not been anywhere close to twenty-six. Lanza went to a place where everyone was vulnerable and he knew that there would be no one there with a weapon, an elementary school.
Another school shooting that...

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