Teachers Should Carry Firearms In School.

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If a teacher carries a firearm when a shooter unexpectedly enters a school, not only will they keep their students safe and protected, but also they will show perseverance when they secure the students lives if they are in danger. When President Obama is telling a speech anywhere around the world, isn’t he guarded? People with guns guard him. Why can’t teachers guard the most precious children to our parents? This question is asked all around the country. This controversial topic has many Americans wanting answers. Teachers carrying firearms in school will keep the children safe and protected because it puts fear in criminals and the teachers are fully trusted with the children.
Throughout the United States history in the last 20 years, many states decided to let teachers carry firearms in schools. According to an article written by Wogan, “South Dakota has decided to try to deter gun violence in its schools by allowing teachers to pack heat. Gov. Dennis Daugaard signed the bill into law last week. Twenty-four other states are considering similar “school sentinel” bills this year, but South Dakota is the first to legalize it since the Newtown massacre” Many laws have already been placed, so why does the United States have to stop now. Similarly, McGurk stated, “In Texas, at least 20 school systems allow teachers to be armed.” Because of these gun laws being introduced, it is showing that it can be done. Government officials shouldn’t be afraid of what the people say, but do what is right for the future.
Did you know that in the past month, there was a shooting in Colorado? Cabrera, Carter, and Watkins wrote the shooter, Karl Halverson Pierson, walked into the high school wanting to see a faculty member. Pierson shot a 15-year-old girl before shooting himself in the head. A janitor called 911 and the janitor escorted the targeted faculty member out of the school. The young girl was sent to a hospital in critical condition. Also, a recent shooting was in Newtown, Connecticut in late 2012. In summary, Candiotti, Botelho, and Watkins wrote about the man that did it all. Adam Lanza, armed with a shotgun and two handguns killed 26 people. Twenty of them include 6 or 7 year olds and the rest, teachers. On December 14, Lanza killed his mother by shooting her in the head and drove to the elementary school. He shot through the front entrance and that’s when he killed all of those people. He shots too many bullets and killed too many lives. Killing these children only took a matter of seconds, which is why if the teachers were armed, more children would be on this planet today.
It a matter of only 14 minutes, the Newtown shooter entered the school, killed people, and police officers enter the school. You don’t really understand how long 14 minutes is when you are in great danger. What if the police are over 20 minutes away and the teachers don’t have weapons? That school is in great danger. Mathematically, over 35 people could be dead even before...

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