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This article is about the new type of bullying, where the teacher bullies the student. According to this resource teacher student bullying is a surprisingly common occurrence. In most schools there are kids who are troublemakers or “’At risk.’” Teachers often have a hard time dealing with such kids according to this ABC investigation, teachers often use tactics that do not help, are generally accepted, and similar to the tactics used by school bullies themselves. The reason says ABC is that teachers were good students and so do not understand why the trouble makers do such things, second never knew any other tactic, and third have incorrect knowledge concerning how it would affect the students. This article is making quite a big statement but this is by a well-known and credible news source, and pieces of it were already common knowledge. However one may still question its validity if not for its great detail into the mind of a teacher. The bullying from teachers, at least to Dolak, Kevin and Alyssa Newcomb, is that teachers are role models, but are comfortable in that position. They usually do not do this consciously; they simply have an automatic response to disruption, or have labeled it differently. This does explain why this problem gets so little attention. However how in depth they delve into the mindsets of teachers, which they do near flawlessly, they fail to bring up actual evidence or examples. According to the article teachers subconsciously have defenses to daily toils that act as bullying control tactics that do not motivate students but put students in need into state of fear. This article continues on in many aspects and is very viable. It provides what most articles do not logic behind madness although it does not have many or any stories and facts.
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This source talks about how teachers can sometimes bully and discusses the topic. Teachers are a rarely hit bullying topic. Although it is seen as a topic that applies to few instances this article shocks one supposing this with some of its data. In an anonymous survey 45% of teachers admit to having bullied a student. Although this information may sound erroneous the author sites a talk with an actual principal of an...

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