Teaching About Discipleship And Its Effect On The Life Of A Christian Today

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Teaching About Discipleship and Its Effect on the Life of a Christian Today

The teaching about discipleship in Mark's gospel would create a
challenge for the followers of Jesus today, it would change their way
of life, and the values they have and prove who truly wanted to be a
disciple of Christ.
Through the Gospel we learn a lot of how we should lead our life and
try to be more like Jesus in doing so. We can start by looking at the
greatest commandment Mark12. Through this we learn that love is
supposed to be the greatest commandment and that we should try and
love and treat each other with respect that is deserved.

"Love the lord your god with all your heart, all your soul, with your
entire mind and with all your strength".

We can learn from this line that Jesus truly believes that love is one
of the most important things in life.

The widows offering, Mark12 this story teaches us about true sacrifice
and shows us that the widow is a model disciple although her donation
is very small

"Two little copper coins, worth about a penny" the sacrifice she has
made is great. She has non-materialistic values is kind and this shows
Christians today to share but not jus what they have spare but to be
really generous. A modern day role model would be Mother Teresa; she
often recommended giving to charities and people more needy than
ourselves, examples are NSPCC and trocaire at lent.

"Jesus calms the storm" Mark 4. From this story we learn that faith in
God is very important, it proves to the disciples that they can trust
Jesus and to be a true disciple you must trust his teachings.

"Why are you frightened? Have you still no faith?" This faith leads to
more trust in God.

"The Lords supper" is a...

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