Teaching And Its Importance To My Life

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TEACHING ESSAYMy undergraduate degree was a Bachelor of Arts in Drama Studies resulting in the completion of a double major in Drama. As a requirement of the degree, we also needed to complete elective units in a subject area other than Drama for the first two years of our degree. This was specifically so we would be able to teach in two subject areas at Secondary level. I enjoyed the English component of the degree so much so that I decided to overload in the first semester of third year by completing an additional literature unit. This gave me a well rounded tertiary English education, as we studied British and European classics in first year, Contemporary Australian Writing in second year and American Literature in third year. The main focus of my degree however, was in Drama and Theatre Studies. The theory component of the course followed a similar strand to my studies in English, over the first two years we studied classic British and European play texts, contemporary Australian and various aspects of Asian theatre. Throughout the three years we were also training to be active theatre practitioners, looking at technical aspects, page to stage adaptation, improvisation and writing and directing. The culmination of our theatrical efforts was our final directorial pieces, where we each brought together all aspects of the discipline of drama for our own production, of which I received a high distinction for.why you regard your teaching method subject/s as important for students to study in secondary schoolsDrama changed my life in high school. Analysing the human condition and relevant scripts made sense to me and gave me something to look forward. It was the first thing I remember feeling that I was good at and the sense of purpose and self-esteem which ensued was immense. While I certainly don't expect every student to feel like I did, I believe that there is a huge need for Drama and English in secondary schools and for teachers who believe passionately in these subject areas. Analysing contemporary and classic texts bring context and relevance to our lives and remind us that we are all part of a complex and interrelated world. Drama is very important in the teaching of community and working together as no production ever went to stage without the collaborated efforts of a team. Being able to effectively express yourself in writing and speech are vital skills particularly in adolescence when the world often feels topsy-turvy. Subjects like Drama and English teach young people how to think and interpret for themselves and not feel compelled to subscribe to the absolute...

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