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Teaching And The Use Of Various Methods To Reach Students

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When teach you must understand the different goals and objective you’re trying to get across to your students. Your first plan of action is to submit a lesson plan and then to plan activities that will be resourceful in the classroom.

Authentic Learning Experiences
Textbooks published for curriculum for social studies will show pictures of different groups of people with interesting presentation of facts and pictures. Publishers look closely at different Standards to "ensure that their texts in general can meet as many state standards as possible" (Chapin, 2006, p. 23).Different books usually include different suggestions that can be used in the classroom.

The different types of studies help to contribute to the needs of the kids and for different types of learning styles.
By using authentic objects and experiences, students begin to see that social studies are a collective view of the world and relationships. Photos can be analyzed and compared to modern day living. "Trade books, observations, real life experiences, videos, field trips, skits, dramatic reenactments, simulations, and investigations are but a few of the many active learning strategies that can promote knowledge and skills"(Chapin, 2006, p. 169).
Multiple Intelligences
It is possible to use Howard Gardner's theory of multiple intelligences (1983) in the planning process of a social studies unit. The musical cadence of "Columbus sailed the ocean blue in fourteen hundred and ninety-two" is remembered by many. Some people may have a memory of a school play of cutting down the cherry tree. The following are ways to assess using the multiple intelligences (Herrell, 2004) and can be adapted to social studies content:

1. Linguistic – Students can benefit from creative writing.
2. Logical/Mathematical – Students will engage in real life practices.
3. Bodily/Kinesthetic – They will perform skits or plays to reenact situations.
4. Visual/Spatial - Students can create graphic organizers, charts, maps, or videos to demonstrate their understanding of concepts and/or relationships between concepts.
5. Interpersonal - Use cooperative learning strategies for students to exercise learning in community on a major classroom project.
6. Intrapersonal - Have students write reflective journals about their perceptions of their own learning, and how they can improve it.
7. Naturalist - ask students to keep a log about their observations of physical geography: types of landforms, rivers, mountains, etc., and reflect on how these things can best be preserved. (Teacher Vision, n.d.)

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