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Teaching In High School And Collage

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Jawaher hamed alqahtani..432203880The Difference Between TeachingHigh School and CollegeMany teachers at a university have a doctorate in their field but little or no education courses or teaching in their background when first hired. Teachers at colleges, especially community colleges, on the other hand, more often have masters degrees and come from the public school system. High school teaching experience is often considered good preparation for teachers who work at a college. But there are some significant differences between high school and college that instructors should know before they begin in higher education.In most high schools, a teacher is expected to remain in the classroom through most of the day, or at least on school grounds. This requirement allows students easy access to instructors at various periods: before school, often through lunch, during planning periods, and after school.Similarly, if teachers need to get in touch with administrators or other instructors, it should be easy enough to find them. High school teachers are also expected to be available some evenings, such as when parent-teacher conferences are in session.College instructors, on the other hand, typically have office hours, as few as three per week, and classroom time. Some colleges require instructional staff to be somewhere on campus for 40 hours, but they could be anywhere: other offices, library, computer labs, even napping in a storeroom that has a soft chair (I've seen it). Although many college teachers are as committed to their profession as public school instructors are, few tend to arrive particularly early or stay particularly late to their offices. The bottom line is they are usually more difficult to get in touch with, so much conversation takes place via phone messages or email.Administrators seem to spend much less time in their offices, as well. Part of the issue may be due to the fact that many colleges simply have more buildings than high schools, so all staff may spend a significant amount of time in meetings or running "errands" in other areas of the campus as well as time spent walking between those buildings and the office.It might sound scary, but high school is supposed to teach students. It is more important that students learn the concepts than anything else, so late...

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