Teaching Is A Human Service: Atticus Is A Teacher

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Teaching is not just a job. It is a human service, and it must be thought of as a mission. Atticus was a man who showed his children respect, compassion, and understanding towards others. He encouraged his children to be educated by giving them more freedom to develop their personality. In regards to raising his children, Atticus had his own method to spread his message. Atticus Finch’s mission was to teach his children a life lesson about perseverance from fighting, courage, and most importantly, that it is a sin to kill a mockingbird.
Atticus has told Jem and Scout to never physically fight under any circumstances because there are many other ways of solving problems. Punching someone with your fist does not cure the problem it only mentally calms you down. He thought his children not to fight physically because he believes it is not a resolution to the problem. Atticus himself always tries to solve problems logically. When Bob Ewell has spat on his face, he did not, for one-second think of raising his hand on the poorest men in living in Maycomb. He had the right to defend himself physically. However, he chose not to because he respects every individual who lives in Maycomb.
Many incidents took place in Scout’s and Jem’s lives that forced them to remember their father’s words. However, the children did not always use his lessons to their own advantage. Scout’s father has told her many times not to fight physically. Yet she still cursed and beat up Francis, Alexandra’s grandson for calling Atticus a nigger lover. Scout is young therefore; sometimes she does something without thinking...

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