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Escuela de Arquitectura/ Teoría de la Arquitectura (Abril- Agosto 2014)Formato elaborado: 2014-04-03
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Congreso Internacional Modelos de Enseñanza


Helio Pignon


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ARCHITECTURE PRACTICEOver time, the study of architecture has lost its identity and need to serve society , has been abandoned and replaced by "theories" that are taught and are not put into practice in day to day , such Oriol Bohigs says " teaching architecture is essentially practical , mainly theoretical" this leaves us very clear about the deficiency of teaching architecture in most of the universities, which reflected us a world of pseudo-theories and criteria as Helio says Pignon , to highlight the content expressed in each teaching which influences our process as professionals, leaving aside the value of the architect as such, a person who knows to interpret the needs of people and put them in a project, as students have an obligation to educate ourselves and learn to identify ourselves as people capable of solving problems for society and for society, such as planners and designers , you can not ignore that each project is reflected in a role , it will not even affect the city ​​as such.

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