Teaching Techniques Over Time Essay

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“You learn something new everyday if you pay attention” said by Ray LeBlond. It is true, inside and outside of the classroom people are always learning something. It is the way people learn it that is interesting, from a book, other people, hands on experience or trial and error. When it comes to learning everyone is different. This is why strategies in reading and language arts in education are changing.
Early education was not common in the 1800’s. Rarely did kids go to school because the miles of walking to the one room school houses. One of the earliest well known one room school houses in Crawford County, Ohio was the Harvey one room school. “The original school building was a log cabin and was built in 1835 by the Harvey family that had bought the land. It was later replaced by the red brick schoolhouse in 1876. The school was named after the family on whose land it was built, the Harveys. This school was one of the 113 ‘little red brick school houses’ that dotted the Crawford County landscape” (Harvey One Room School, n.d.).
Due to the ancestry of the settlers in Crawford County language was an important role in education. Both German and English were taught in many of the early schools. “It was noted in one 1850 contract signed by schoolmaster Martin Stump that he would teach reading, grammar, arithmetic, geography, and orthography in both English and German” (Harvey One Room School, n.d.).
As school attendance increases, the one room school houses were slowly closing. “The Harvey School closed in 1918. In 2003 Howard and Linda Harvey (descendants of the Harvey family pioneers) donated the school and surrounding three acres to preserve the landmark. It has become a ‘living one-room school museum’ and offers classroom reenactments as classes were taught in the late 1800’s” (Harvey One Room School, n.d.).
Transition of language
“Many changes in language arts instruction have taken place in American schools since 1980.” (Teaching of Language Arts, n.d.). Without knowing the three basic models that have helped the language arts curriculum grow over the years it would be hard to understand. “The heritage model, reflects the belief that the purpose of language arts instruction is to transmit the values and traditions of the culture through the study of an agreed-upon body of literature. The competencies model, emanates from the belief that the chief purpose of language arts instruction is to produce mastery of a hierarchy of language-related skills in the learner.” (Teaching of Language Arts, n.d.). Based on the competencies model, most adults probably learned from elementary level language arts instruction, followed by the heritage model reflection as high school English instruction. “The third model of language arts instruction, the process model, is different from the other two. The curriculum is not determined by texts and tests; rather, this model stresses the encouragement of language processes that lead to growth in the...

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